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In order to promote foreign investment, Panama creates the Permanent Residency as a Qualified Investor, through Executive Decree No. 722 of October 15, 2020.

This type of immigration category allows you to obtain residency in a single application and in a record time of thirty (30) business days, after fulfilling the requirements established for that purpose.

Qualified Investment Amount

The foreigner who requests this Permanent Residency must make a minimum investment of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 500,000.00) from a foreign source, which can be personally or through a company incorporated in Panama, provided that the applicant is the beneficial owner of the shares of the company.

Types of Qualified Investment

Four (4) types of investment are established to apply to the qualified residence:

  • By reason of real estate investment

The foreigner must invest in real estate in Panama the sum of USD,500,000.00 free of liens. If the value is higher than this amount, you can finance the rest in a local bank. The investment will be proven with the property title issued by the Public Registry and with the certification of the National Land Authority (ANATI) that proves the value of the property.

  • For reasons of real estate investment through a Promise to Purchase Agreement

To apply for this reason, the foreigner must make a Promise to Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of a real estate for the sum of USD 500,000.00, made through a Trust deposit managed by a bank or Trustee of the in Panama licensed to perform this activity. The Promise to Purchase Agreement must be recorded in the Public Registry and present an original or a copy of the Trust Agreement where it is established how said sum will be paid.

  • Due to investments made through a Brokerage Firm with a license approved by the Superintendency of the Stock Market of Panama:

The Qualified Investor must make the investment of US $ 500,000.00 in one or several transactions through a Brokerage Firm licensed in Panama, in bonds or any other securities issued by companies  whose businesses and commercial activities are in Panama and have an economic effect within the Panama, and with the commitment that the securities will be held by the investor for five (5) years.

As proof of this investment, the Brokerage Firm must issue a certification with all the investor’s information, his account where the invested amount is kept, and registration of the securities corresponding to said investment.

  • Due to Investment in Fixed Term Deposit in the Banking Sector

The investor may open a fixed-term deposit for the sum of SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND (USD 750,000.00) in any bank in Panama with a general license. This deposit must be free of encumbrances, for five (5) years. For proof of this, the bank will issue a certification stating the amount of the investment and the data of the owner.

Qualified Investment Time

The qualified investment must be maintained for five (5) consecutive years, counted from the date on which permanent residence is requested and will be credited with an annual certification that will be issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries during this period to prove the validity of the investment.

It can be requested from abroad

To streamline and simplify the procedures and for the benefit of investors, applications for this category may be made with the qualified investor abroad, through a qualified lawyer in Panama. Once you arrive in Panama, you will join the National Migration Service and obtain your permanent resident card.

Requirements to apply for Permanent Residence as a Qualified Investor

  1. Power of attorney and request through a suitable lawyer
  2. Criminal record of the applicant’s country of origin
  3. Medical certificate of good health
  4. Complete copy of the passport with a minimum validity of three (3) months
  5. Certified or manager’s check for the sum of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD.5000.00) payable to the National Treasury. The dependents will pay THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 1000.00)
  6. Certified or manager’s check for the sum of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 5,000.00) payable to the National Migration Service for repatriation. The dependents will pay THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 1000.00).
  7. Suitable bank or financial or legal documentation that proves the investment and that the funds come from abroad. To meet this requirement, any of the following documents can be presented:
  8. a) Letter from a bank abroad or local bank stating that the funds were sent or received respectively, this must be stamped and signed in original.
  9. b) Statement of account of the bank abroad, duly legalized or of a local bank, with stamps of the issuing bank, showing the transaction of sending the funds.
  10. c) Notarized letter, issued by the bank receiving the funds, or original bank certification, confirming the deposit or receipt of the transfer, according to any of the forms of investment, and certifying that the funds were transferred from an account in abroad.

8) Proof of relationship in the case of dependents.

Note: All documents from abroad must come with the Hague Apostille or authenticated by the Consulate of Panama in the country where the documents were issued.

Single window (Ventanilla Única)

The procedure will be carried out through a single window of Investments of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, created especially for this immigration category.

Change of immigration category for investors with provisional residence or pending.

Foreigners who have obtained a Provisional Residence Permit or are in process as their Own Economic Solvency for Investment in Real Estate or Fixed Term to date, provided that they comply with the requirements of this Executive Decree No. 722 of October 15, 2020, they can change their immigration category.

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